L Shape Home Office

The L Shape Collection is for installations with a perpendicular join, running along two walls
and joining in the corner.

The key thing to remember in the L shape is you have two size choices to make, because there are two sides.

As with the Linear Collection, an L Shape installation can be laid out in one of three ways:

Installation Type D – Fitted against the walls at both ends.

Installation Type E – Fitted against the wall on one side (could be either end) and open to the room on the other.

Installation Type F – Both ends open to the room.

Once you have decided how you wish your L Shape installation to be laid out, there are four different width bands available for each side.

In all collections the knee hole is fixed at 700mm and the side fillers are fixed at 75mm, the cabinets and doors/drawers thereafter are optimally manufactured to each specific installation following the survey we will carry out.


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